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Optimize Platform Velocity

Simple Credible Value Attribution and Transfer

PopCred’s products and services leverage decentralized identity, reputation, and computation to both maximize platform pull and minimize transaction costs.  Viable platforms accelerate value creation through frictionless trustworthy interaction, transfer, and payment. PopCred’s automated solutions enable credible, low cost, batched settlement using stable, accessible, real digital currency as the primary medium-of-exchange. This allows platforms to avoid the regulatory risks and friction of convertible virtual currency (crypto tokens) while still benefiting from the trust advantages of decentralization. Spin-up your platform now!


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Inducing Network Effects with Decentralized Trust and Value Attribution

The primary value of a market network platform is derived from network effects. According to Metcalfe’s law, these are proportional to the size of the network, that is, the number of participants on the platform. Participants are attracted to market network platforms because of the anticipated opportunities for value co-creation and exchange. As platforms grow and increase in value the centralized platform operators have both the means and a pernicious incentive to eventually exploit participants by unilaterally extracting more value. In contrast decentralized platforms are potentially much more attractive to participants because they can have more virtuous governance that may result in continued fairer value attribution to participants. This induces more platform pull and ultimately greater network effect value than closed centralized platforms. 

Decentralized Identifiers

The emerging w3C supported DID (Decentralized Identifier) standard together with supporting libraries and other affiliated standards enables open portable self-sovereign identity of not just entities but data. PopCred’s innovative solutions based on modern crypto, off-chain storage and computation with on-chain anchors enable trustworthy scalable decentralized platforms.


 A primary hidden transaction cost on any platform is trust. A decentralized platform can minimize this cost using a web of trust. PopCred’s A.I. algorithms aggregate trust rooted in each participant to enable more trustworthy frictionless transactions. Decentralized identity applied to all interactions enables the trustworthy tracking and provenancing of all value creation and transfer.


PopCred has done the heavy lifting of navigating the regulatory morass and solving the resulting trade-offs to maximize performance while minimizing risk. PopCred’s products and services combined the trust advantages of decentralized identity, reputation, and computation without incurring the disadvantages of risky convertible virtual currencies (crypto tokens).

Explore the Future of Decentralized Network Markets!

Platform Velocity means the total rate of value creation and transfer on a platform.  It is enhanced by greater adoption and more beneficial interactions between participants. PopCred’s mission is to optimize platform velocity for our customers.

PopCred’s Credo

PopCred represents credible value creation for all people. This credo is reflected in our logo. The twelve pointed stars represent trust. The currency symbol is a superposition of the stylized letters P and C from PopCred  which is short for the Latin popularis credibilis which means trusted by all.

Focus on creating value!

PopCred takes an holistic approach that provides practical solutions for today’s market opportunities.


We are pioneers in decentralized identity, reputation, and computation systems. We contributed to the associated open standard and technology development.

We have deep expertise and understand how to leverage it to our communities benefit.

Samuel Smith Ph.D.

Samuel Smith Ph.D.


Alison Moore Smith

Alison Moore Smith


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